Welcome to Iberia Fresh GmbH

Iberia Fresh GmbH Import-Export, Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale was founded in early 2018 and operates as a marketing platform for Southern European producers in direct sales for products such as avocados, mangoes, citrus fruits, table grapes and seasonal vegetables from the Southern European Mediterranean region.

Our passion for healthy food is our strength, so quality is our first priority. We are constantly on the lookout for new products from different growing areas. This effort has paid off, as we are currently able to offer suppliers from the Arab cultivation areas with the following products in direct sales:

  • Fresh garlic, spring onions, pressed oranges and sweet potatoes from Egypt
  • mini eggplant, mini cucumbers, mini zucchini and dates from Jordan
  • dates from Algeria and Tunisia
  • as well as a wide range of beans and zucchini from Morocco

In order to meet the demand of our customers, we also offer additional service in the field of logistics.

For a personal consultation we are at your disposal. You can reach us by phone or by email.